About EagleLeap

EagleLeap is the unique initiative to provide the learning, practice, guidance needed for getting better prepared for IT Job interviews and also Job openings. EagleLeap is concept developed by group of highly experienced IT veterans and supported by many volunteers across the IT industry.

EagleLeap is not just a portal but group of services - Portal gives you all the practice needed to prepare for interview process like online aptitude exams, short courses, guidance on interviews, skills etc; Referral Network will help you getting referral in various firms; Access to Workshops , Job Fairs; Exclusive Job Opening from startups and much more.


How Portal Is Going To Help You

Identify Your Weakness
Help You Improve
Get All The Opportunities
Get Placed

Why Join?

What you get ?

  • Online aptitude test and progress tracking
  • One to one video counselling with expert
  • Guidance on interview processes
  • Exclusive Job openings
  • Referral Network across the IT companies
  • Ask unlimited questions to Career Coaches
  • Tie-up and discount on technical courses
  • Articles, blogs by expert on career guidance

Our Vision & Mission

India is the country with highest number of IT jobs. Every year there are millions of engineers graduated across the country and are looking for jobs in IT industry, with very few percentages able to make it. There are various reasons for able candidates to not make it - lack of process knowledge, communication skills, guidance. The ultimate mission of High Leap Eduction Consultants is to provide the level field for all future engineers and to generate able, trained and ready for future challenges workforce. EagleLeap is the first of our initiative towards achieving this goal - short term but effective.

High Leap Education Consultants is started by very experienced IT veterans and is supported by many volunteers who share the same goal and have many years of IT experience. Some of our founders and volunteers come from middle class family background and rural area, they had faced many hurdles during job search and also, at the start of the career. Our primary goal is to make sure all are aware of those hurdles and ready to tackle it. We are here to help you navigate those easily. Anyone from IT industry who wants to contribute to this initiative, do join us!!

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